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A luxury interior design studio that specialises in bespoke interior decoration; supplying fabrics, wallpapers, flooring, furniture, lighting and accessories. We love using colour, pattern, and texture to create a beautiful, layered home that is comfortable, functional, and full of personality.

Catherine McMillan, McMillan Interior Designers, Belfast. Image of Catherine McMillan
Catherine McMillan

Catherine says, "We don’t do comparisons or imitations.  Each project is treated individually because you are unique – not a copy or an imitation."

Our goal is to draw from your own personality and creativity, helping you design a home interior that beautifully reflects your taste and style – providing a space which is beautiful, practical where needed, and a reflection of you, where you can rest and be comfortable.

We value Family, and the family home.

We know the needs of a growing and evolving family and how important it is to create a safe, stimulating, comfortable and practical environment for your family to live, work, play, and grow in. 

We value History - your history, your story.

We know the significance of remembering and honouring your history in your home - giving place to family photos and treasured heirloom pieces. Your home should tell your story and we partner with you to include and highlight the special pieces that tell yours.

We value Personality.

We believe your home shouldn’t slavishly follow popular trends and we believe home shouldn’t be a soul-less, sterile environment. Home should be cosy, inviting, welcoming and should be a reflection of you and your family - containing your favourite colours, patterns, objects; an environment that inspires and stimulates and makes you smile.

We value Lifestyle.

We understand the diversity of lifestyles and stages of life; from a young married couple to a busy, rambunctious family, to a couple who’s children have grown and flown the nest, every home has different needs and wants. We believe in honouring your lifestyle and making your home work for you.

Beautiful Interior Design in Northern Ireland

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"My experience with McMillan Interiors has not changed in the 25 plus years I've known of their excellent business and aftercare service. I know quality textiles as I was a weaver in my day. These are textiles of a higher quality, not common to every household, an investment, certainly a personal experience for the customer."

"Catherine has designed our lounge, kitchen, dining room and master bedroom - and in every case, we loved the personal attention, and the way she involved us in the design ensuring that our personal tastes were catered for."

"Our project was a new build. We had looked at other interior designers' websites and they all seemed rather lifeless. McMillan's, by contrast, was full of life and colour. We had a number of sessions at their studio. They had endless patience. Their suggestions were amazing. All our visitors comment on the wallpaper murals. They feel the need to touch and say, "is that wallpaper?". Our house is so original, bright and colourful. It is a joy to wake up each morning."

"Catherine has many experiences in interior design and is always able to come up with something that little bit different. I have never been disappointed in any of McMillan Interior's work. Design and ideas are so helpful and the curtains made were all of a high quality."

"McMillan Interiors consistently provide the highest standard of work which never goes out of style. As a team, they are professional and supportive, listening to what the customer wants and working within your budget. Any work completed in our home has been of the highest quality and is much appreciated by everyone."

"My number 1 go to company for all my interior projects! Creative, friendly, professional and reliable every time. Whether it's one wall or a complete space, they are by far my favourite design team!"

"I had accumulated (and inherited) many paintings and pieces of furniture over the years but they felt cluttered to the extent that I could not relax in my lounge. Catherine immediately identified that I had too many flat surfaces and began showing me how resituating key pieces of furniture, strategically introducing beautiful wallpaper and lighting could create an oasis of calm. I work from home and my clients often comment as they walk past my lounge doorway "oh, I love your room" - and I do too!"

"We really enjoyed working with McMillan Interiors to complete our home. They listened to our ideas and used their creativity and wealth of knowledge and experience to present us with plenty of exciting suggestions and pairings. We found them easy to work with and very professional. All items were supplied and fitted on time and in budget to an excellent standard. We would look forward to working with them again."


Frequently Asked Questions About Interior Design in Northern Ireland

Is it expensive to hire an interior designer?

Our service is Design, Supply and Install. At McMillan Interiors we do not offer a design only service. This helps the client because when we quote on a project we waive any design fee, therefore the clients are simply paying for the products with workroom or installation and delivery services. We have a vast range of products in many price brackets which can be readily supplied so this saves the client time and energy too. We always find it extremely helpful to have a conversation about budget early on in the process so that we can achieve a satisfactory outcome.

What does an interior designer do?

As interior designers we create home interiors that function well for those who live in them. This may involve every element within the structure – ie flooring, lighting, furniture, seating, wallcoverings and curtains etc. Sometimes it’s simply an upgrade on a sofa and curtains – other projects may be much more extensive.

This service is also invaluable in the commercial sector, especially within the hospitality world.

We offer direction with colours and materials – suggesting moods and schemes and then will liaise with or organise the various trades which may be required to complete the project. Our particular service here at McMillan Interiors is Design, Supply and Install. We have 35 years of experience in this field, sourcing the best in fabrics, wallcoverings and furniture, lighting, flooring and sofas.

We listen to the client and integrate items that are important to the client into our work. This is what makes every home unique.

At McMillan Interiors we rarely, if ever, create the same roomset twice.

Where To Find Us

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