You may have been expecting something a bit more complicated but let’s start with the easy and obvious: clear the clutter! The old, broken toys, the deflated cushions, the ornaments that are on their last legs. Decide what you can dispose of, what you can sell or pass on to a charity shop, what needs updated, and what you want to keep. Be ruthless but be clever - what can be updated and repurposed? What pieces are meaningful to you and your family that should be kept?

Let the Light in.

Something we do everyday but please don’t underestimate its importance. Draw back the curtains, open blinds, clear away obstacles from windows - lighting greatly affects our mood and more sun and natural light is beneficial for our physical and mental health. It also brightens up your home!

Consider artificial lighting in the house - make sure there’s adequate light fittings in every room. We love lamps and clusters of candles in dark corners, on side tables, and lighting up hallways. Also consider floor lamps, ceiling lights with a dimmer setting, and task lighting (e.g. lights for desk areas, reading areas etc). Another trick is to hang mirrors in dark corners and hallways to bounce light around. It all sounds simple, but sufficient and considered lighting should not be underestimated in the home!

Move things around.

Another easy but underestimated task! Consider what pieces of furniture, accessories and furnishings you can move around - within the same room or from room to room. Maybe that chest of drawers hiding in the back room would look fabulous (and would be practical) in the living room? Move around your art and photographs; create a gallery wall where you had previously hung one large painting. Move an armchair from the window to a corner to create a little reading nook. Moving things around will keep it fresh and it may surprise you how much you like the new arrangement.

Easy Updates.

Sometimes a total interior overhaul is necessary, but sometimes you can make relatively quick, cosmetic updates. Here’s some of our favourites:

  • A pot of paint will instantly change the look and feel of a room (oh and let us encourage you to embrace a lovely dose of colour!)
  • Bring in a few new cushions and throws to freshen up the space and inject colour, pattern, and texture.
  • Dress the walls with artwork and framed photographs.
  • Add a large patterned or beautifully textural rug.
  • Change out your lampshades or bring in an inexpensive new light fitting.
  • Fill a large vase with a blousy bouquet of flowers or a few sculptural stems to bring the outdoors in, and create an attractive vignette.

Make a Statement.

You should have your house in good order at this point! Let’s take it to the next level and give it some “wow” factor. Create a statement with the following ideas:
  • Hang an oversized and eye-catching light-fitting (where appropriate, such as over an island, a dining table or in a stairwell).
  • Use a fabulously patterned wallpaper to add drama and impact to a space (very effective in smaller areas such as hallways and bathrooms).
  • Hang a striking and bold piece of artwork (the larger the better!).
  • Paint the ceiling in a bright glossy colour.

Statement pieces add style, fun and create a memorable space. However, too many statement pieces can fight with each other so limit it to just one or two pieces in one space.


The final touch that is often forgotten by homeowners is details. It’s the details and those carefully considered elements that finish off a room and really add a sense of luxury.

For us, one of our favourite ways to elevate a space is through trimmings on soft furnishings and upholstered furniture. Our bespoke service allows us to enhance made-to-order furnishings with beautiful borders, braids, studs, tassel and bead trims. There’s nothing like elegant trimmings adorning beautifully pleated curtains or carefully sewn cushions... We can’t state enough how they elevate a space and add a real sense of refined luxury.

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