‘Kintsukuroi’ Framed Print

£70.40 £88.00

We’re proudly stocking a select range of prints from local artist Karen Lindsay aka Rara Makes. 

Karen’s work is an outpouring of her passionate Christian faith, bears deep meaning and often touches the soul. Deeply inspired by the wonder of creation, her own life’s stories, and declarations, Karen creates in her own unique childlike way, often working on the floor of her garden studio and painting with her fingers! 

‘Kintsukuroi’ is a stunning mixed media piece inspired by the traditional Japanese craft of Kintsukuroi which means to “repair with gold” - where something precious that has been cracked and broken is not disposed of, but is instead lovingly repaired using gold lacquer. For Karen, it’s a powerful metaphor for what a loving Heavenly Father longs for, and loves to do with the broken pieces of our lives.

This high quality print of the original features beautiful gold metallic detailing and is framed in a contemporary white box frame. A richly layered, lovingly made, and beautiful piece that will stir your senses and remind you of the bequity of God’s redemption.

32cm x 44cm x 3cm