Q. You are very passionate about interior design; where did your love of design come from?

A. When I was a young teenager we moved to a country house which needed a lot of interior renovation. I watched my mum do a great job of turning it into a beautiful home. No room missed out on her eye for detail and colour. I've picked up on those values of home, story and love to furnish spaces that reflect the people who live there.

Q. How would you describe your style?

A. I tend to be led by the client, therefore I enjoy creating contemporary or classic interiors as preferred by the client. If I'm given a free hand then I like to lean towards the architectural style of the building for inspiration, with a few intriguing choices thrown in to create an imaginative space.

Q. If you had to pick a favourite 'piece', what would it be and why?

A. For me it's got to be the window. It's always a great way to make a statement in the room. How the window is dressed, whether lavishly or minimally, or somewhere in between, gives the direction for designing the rest of the room. When I was growing up, there was a beautiful large window and window seat in my bedroom and it was my favourite space at home. In fact, I did my final art project on the theme of my window seat.

Q. What makes a good designer, a great designer?

A. Many things! But these stand out for me:

  • Being able to listen and understand people who ask for your help.
  • Knowing your product - having a wealth of experience in the use of fabrics, wall coverings, flooring types and all the other products that are used in home furnishings. This is priceless.
  • Being able to bring a design into reality, which can mean hard work.

Q. Has there been a stand-out project over the years that you have been particularly proud of?

A. We were once involved in an exciting project in the Channel Islands which was a complete home with guest accommodation. We so enjoyed our relationship with our client and the end results was a stunning home.

Q. How do you summarise Interior Design?

A. A design for an interior must allow the space to be fit for purpose. I will benefit from a bespoke element - ie made-to-measure pieces, where relevant, such as curtains or fitted cupboards. It must allow for the needs, personality and lifestyle of the occupier. It should evoke the powerful emotions we need for rest and recharging.

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