We know that sometimes you see a particular piece of furniture, or a wallpaper, rug or other beautiful piece and you wonder how it might fit together with your existing room. We also know staring at blank walls and trying to imagine the finished look can be equally as hard.

To give you a little inspiration and perhaps a glimpse into some options for your room, we've brought together a few brief details and pictures of our recent work for clients.

Modern open-plan living/kitchen area


Making a Statement in a Modern WC

In a room that is traditionally very utilitarian, we often encourage homeowners to hold their nerve and go bold! You can afford to be fun, bold, and a little over the top with a small WC or bathroom – it’s a space we don’t spend a lot of time in so the risk of being overwhelmed by such a statement space is much lower.

Instead, a bold choice creates drama, surprise, and a real joyful & memorable statement!

Light-Filled Hallway

Wallpaper and wall-coverings have a depth, texture and warmth to them that paint does not, and we love using wallpaper whenever we can!

For this home, with its high ceilings, and with so much glass and natural light flooding in, having walls of richness of luminosity was so important. Utilising luxurious textural wallpaper - rather than paint - achieved this. Furthermore, the wallpaper adds pattern and interest to the huge expanses of walls and keeps the eye moving to create a dynamic, rich and interesting aesthetic.

Moody and Calming Bedroom

This contemporary bedroom features a wallpaper combination of a textural cerulean blue stripe, a charcoal grey stripe and a warm grey tonal textured faux-animal-hide. Such a stunning and rich mix! You don’t have to be limited by one medium in a room – we love mixing wallpapers with paint to create depth, interest and a really unique, layered space.

In this space, the textural wallpapers add visual and tactile warmth while the linear patterning keeps your eye moving. Finally, the strong charcoal grey paint across the ceiling creates a cocooning canopy to sleep under.

Cosy Family Room

Another space in which we combined two wallpapers to beautiful effect! We utilised the same wallpaper but in two different colours – one warmer, one cooler – to create a rich and dynamic space with depth and contrast.

These wallpaper colours - recalling earth and sky - complement the outdoor space while the small regular wallpaper pattern creates movement and interest without being overly distracting.

The large windows in the room were a feature unto themselves and we didn’t want to detract from them; allowing the abundance of natural light and the beauty of the outdoors feature as a key component in the space.

Cosy Colourful Lounge & Dining Room

Cool colours don’t always mean cold! Carefully chosen warm tones of blue, grey and neutrals create a calm, cocooning space while thoughtfully curated moments of ochre, raspberry and plum add colour, variety and interest.
The richly embroidered scatter-cushion fabric was the basis for this room’s scheme – and from it we pulled our palette. The teal, blue and grey tones are softer and soothing and we wrapped the larger expanses of the walls and floor in these. In comparison we used the brighter, punchier colours in smaller quantities so as not to overwhelm the space. Balance is critical in interior decorating.
Carefully consider the strength and impact of your colour palette and choice of patterns in your space.


Cosy Monochromatic Bedroom

A thoughtfully considered monochromatic scheme (containing or using one colour) can create a space of great impact and drama. Our primary colour here was a warm, rich violet but we created depth and interest through the use of various shades (from light on the walls to dark on the bedside lampshades) and also through the varied use of textures.

A textural stripe velvet wraps around the armchair, a lustrous silk-effect weave on the headboard catches the light, curtains of beautiful heavy linen sit against a matte painted wall and warm woods contrast with the mirrored surface of the chrome wall lights.

Finally, we injected a few pops of other colours for further interest - splashes of crisp white, warm taupe, and icy blue contrast and play off the violet to great effect.

 The Details

In over 30 years in Interior Design, we’ve found that it’s the details that make a difference between a good room and a great room. It’s the details that add that extra layer of luxury and it’s the details that make a space memorable.

One of our favourite ways to add that luxurious level of detail and finish is through the use of trimmings on soft furnishings and furniture.

Cord trim, pom-poms, beaded trim, borders, braids and studs all elevate a curtain, a cushion or piece of upholstery; adding tactile texture, depth, an element of surprise, and a memorable detail.


It’s been said that “lighting is the jewellery of the home”, and we can think of nothing truer when it comes to this contemporary 12-light chandelier in this spacious Lounge. Adding drama, sparkle and that perfect finishing touch to the rest of the room’s apparel.

Consider making a statement with a light-fitting in your space – perhaps an over-sized chandelier, something sculptural, or an interesting shape or texture.

Just as a piece of jewellery can let down an outfit, so too can a poorly considered light fitting.

 Linking Two Spaces

This small lounge underwent an extension, creating a bright and light-filled double-height sunroom. We wanted to give each space its own look but still maintain cohesion between them. We created a cosier, cocooning space in the lounge through the use of stony grey and navy blue textural wall-coverings punctuated by ochre upholstery. We carried the colour palette into the Sunroom but opted for a statement patterned wallpaper instead.

Large scale jungle leaves on a robust trellis create a statement on the double-height wall and to balance the strength of it, we utilised a restrained colour palette throughout the rest of the room: warm whites, navy blue, sophisticated black, and flashes of ochre.

 For a surprising touch, and to break up the expanse of the second double-height wall, we used a black-and-white patterned wallpaper. Its monochrome palette and less dense patterning means it doesn’t fight with the jungle paper but still creates movement and interest in the space.


For more information or help with the redecoration of your home – whether it’s one room or a whole house – don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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September 29, 2021 — Catherine McMillan

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