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Houston Hair Salon

At McMillan Interiors, our passion is to partner with homeowners to create a home that is comfortable, functional, full of personality and beautiful – a home that tells a story and will be a backdrop for many years of laughter, love and memories. Creating a bespoke Home; unique to each homeowners has a really special place in our heart and it’s the work we love to do!

But we also relish in working with local businesses to create personality-filled, head-turning spaces that create a memorable and exciting user experience! Over the years we’ve worked with Houston Hair to advise on, and supply, show-stopping wall-coverings and fabrics to furnish their cool, contemporary Ballymena based salons. We were thrilled to be approached by Simon Houston – owner, creative director and friend to us here at McMillan Interiors – last year to supply a jaw-dropping wall covering fit for his brand new salon opening in Ballymena Town Centre.

Behind a sleek, black facade the interior walls were drenched in a beautiful rose pink paint and the space was furnished with furniture in a palette of Nordic pine and glossy red, with on-trend copper lighting adding warmth. For such a cool space there was only one thing for it – it was time to draw on the big maximalist guns: French powerhouse of pattern and colour Christian Lacroix.

Renowned for their unique, exuberant, colourful and baroque style, Christian Lacroix designs are innovative, theatrical and intended to make a statement! Perfect for our owner Simon and his salon that pushes boundaries, constantly innovates, and pursues the most up-to-date trends, skills and products for a modern and style-conscious client. We settled on a panoramic mural wallcovering representing the lush Parc de Bagatelle on the outskirts of Paris that was a popular gathering spot for festivities during the 18th Century Directoire era.

Mixing digital with illustration and juxtaposing lush, leafy foliage with urban towers and classical architecture, it’s a mural that is eye-catching, rich, and dynamic – the perfect contrasting partner to the feminine pink salon walls. See for yourself how it turned out!

Hung on the walls at the far end of the salon, they instantly catch the eye of both passers-by on the street and clients entering in. It’s utterly eye-catching but not overtly dominating; it’s both masculine and feminine; it’s uplifting but soothing at the same time. Two-thirds of the mural were placed at the rear of the salon while the remaining one-third was hung at the waiting-area at the front of the salon; creating a little seating-zone for clients ready to be primped, polished, and transformed by the dedicated and skilled team at Houston hair!

At McMillan Interiors, we truly believe that our interior spaces can affect our mood – both for better and for worse! Houston Hair is a salon furnished and finished in such a way to welcome, cocoon, uplift and inspire you! Such is the power of colour, interior furnishings and decor! You can find out more about Houston Hair and their services here.

If you’re finding that your interior space – whether that’s your home or your business space – is lacking and is having a less positive effect on your mood, it’s time for a change! At McMillan Interiors we partner with you to create a design-plan tailored to your space, needs and style. We have an extensive library of home furnishings, and we have over thirty years experience in guiding and advising homeowners in identifying their style and creating a beautiful, functional space that tells your story and will serve you for many years to come.

For more information on our services or to enquire about how we can partner with you to refresh a couple of rooms or tackle a more comprehensive project, email We’d love to talk!

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Killane Manor Showhouse

Killane Manor is a newly built, award-winning housing development nestled between the bustling villages of Galgorm and Ahoghill. Situated close to prestigious Primary and Secondary Schools, recreational parks, a gym, a golf course & spa, food establishments, and just a short ten minute drive into Ballymena Town Centre, it’s proven popular with young couples and families looking to put down their roots. It’s the perfect mix of town and country life!

The quiet and picturesque cul-de-sac is made up of 55 houses in detached, semi-detached, and townhouse designs; developed and constructed by local Ballymena building contractor Agon Ltd. Sleek, contemporary, and affordable, these homes are perfect for first time buyers looking to get on the property ladder.

McMillan Interiors (Ballymena based Interior Design Company) had the privilege of designing and styling the Showhouse for the final release of houses on the site. We wanted to create a haven of comfort, style and personality for prospective homeowners; a place that was bright but also cocooning, a place to entertain friends but also somewhere to retreat after a busy day, a place that was homely as well as luxurious. We chose contemporary, practical, and comfortable furniture, specified wallpaper for certain areas for interest, and custom made curtains, blinds, cushions and headboards.

After major structural and building work was completed, walls were painted and wallpapered, and carpet was fitted. Here is the interior of the house mid-progress:







We kept it largely neutral to give prospective owners a canvas upon which they could inject their personalities using their own decorative pieces, artwork, photographs, and mementoes. We can never pass up the opportunity to add a dash of colour and pattern though! For us, adding elements of colour and pattern to a home adds interest, character, joy and fun!

Thoughtfully considered touches of blue, teal, soft pink, orange, and sunny yellow pop against the groundwork of cream, grey and taupe. An assortment of printed and patterned fabrics also appear throughout the house – fabrics from Interior Design houses we love and trust, and whose quality and durability will serve the homeowners for years to come. Here’s a glimpse of the finished space!










Investing in a house and decorating from scratch can be overwhelming, and at McMillan Interiors we completed this whole-house design on an affordable, first-time buyers budget; leaving space for the homeowners to evolve the space in the years ahead.

The good news is this fully furnished Showhouse will be open for viewing from Thursday 20th June. If you’re house-shopping, and in particular if you’re a first time buyer, the Killane Manor houses are an affordable option to view and consider. The site is located at:

Killane Manor

Galgorm Road


BT42 1QH

You can also find more information about the houses and Selling Agents here.

Finally, if you’d like help with redesigning and decorating your home – whether it’s one or two rooms, or a whole house overhaul – don’t hesitate to get in touch! We offer a service that includes design, supply and manufacture, and fit-out. We’d love to advise, listen to your ideas and make your home fit your needs and aesthetic. Call us on 02825 880012 or email You can also find us on HouzzInstagram and Facebook!



Great News

Having travelled a bit, I have noticed how various people groups incorporate the colour blue as a predominant shade in their folk art.  What about the great French artist Monet, for instance, or Norwegian traditional designs, and Maltese fishing boats?

great news - blue

The colours of Malta’s harbours.

great news - blue

Monet’s Blue Water Lillies.


Norwegian traditional design.


“Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones… it will always stay blue;”          Raoul Dufy, French Fauvist Painter, 1877-1953.


I read this:

Blue is the favorite colour of all people. It’s nature’s colour for water and sky, but is rarely found in fruits and vegetables. Today, blue is embraced as the color of heaven and authority, denim jeans and corporate logos.

It’s so good to see this colour in it’s many tones and shades coming back into the new collections of the top fabric houses.  Here’s some of my current favourites.



With all the aesthetic benefits of living with this colour, remember that in our northern light in Northern Ireland, certain tones will reflect better than others.  Combined with other colours the effect will vary immensely.   Nature does “blue” perfectly – a reflection of our Creator.


great news - blue

Would you like to introduce blue into your home decor? Or discuss interior design in general, whatever the colour! Please get in touch with us. Our studio is at The Outpost, 53a Loan Road, Cullybackey, Ballymena. Here we can discuss with you what you would like for your home and show you fabrics and give you ideas which will work.

Keep up-to-date with us on our McMillan Interiors Facebook page here.


Our Favourites

Here at McMillan Interiors, just like everyone else, we have our favourites. Favourite fabrics, favourite colours, favourite music and so on. In this article we want to share this favourite of ours.

“I’ve always loved this fabric from Pierre Frey.  I’ve used is in various settings.  There’s just something about the artistry and hints of …wild horses, Spain, strength, freedom that appeal to me.  It’s available in a couple of colourways, both very natural.  I was reminded of it again this summer when Niel shared a song with me which has become my favourite – “You” by Future of Forestry.”

“You are the desert plain

Where the wild horses run” 

our favourites wild horses

“I’ve recently also read Pierre Frey’s new book, Inspiring Interiors, A French Tradition of Luxury.  The story of the Frey family in business and their collaboration with others is so interesting.  I enjoyed recognising so many of the fabric designs pictured which we ourselves would have used in the 27 years (and counting) of being in the interior design business.”

our favourites mcmillan interiors studio

Our favourites - McMillan Interiors

Our favourites McMillan Interiors

Such a wealth of creativity.  A fabric, a song, a family, impacting my life in a colourful way. 

To see more of our favourites and to let us help you choose yours, our studio is open, by appointment only, at The Outpost, 53a Loan Road, Cullybackey, Ballymena BT42 1PS.

We would love you to follow our journey by liking our Facebook page here.

Tales Of The Outpost

Tales of the Outpost is on Friday 13th May 2016 starting at 8.00pm. ‘Drama and Interior Design with a difference. An evening that will make you smile, celebrating a little of our literary heritage and creative talent’. 

Tales Of The Outpost

In coming up with the idea of this event (a good number of months stewing over it!) my goal has been to bring about an evening’s entertainment which would be inspirational and fun – a collaboration with talented friends, local artists.  Also to be a celebration of the literary heritage of our wee country and of course to showcase our interior design studio. Fine! Let’s do it then!

So far the plans include some dramatic staging of the Outpost , setting the scene for the writings of C S Lewis, namely The Chronicles of Narnia.  His influence has coloured or touched most of our lives not just as children but maybe even more powerfully as adults – it’s all about Aslan.

So marmalade cake and Turkish delight, lampposts and fur coats, dragons and lions, good vs evil and Aslan on the move.

We’ll use this evening to express our appreciation of the work of C S Lewis in speech, music, art, photograpy and interior design.

Tales of the Outpost

Tales Of The Outpost on Friday 13th May – an evening to make you smile and give you inspiration.

We would love you to join us for the evening as we bring you Tales Of The Outpost. You can let us know if you’re interested on our Facebook event page here.  £5 admittance at the door. The Outpost is at 53a Loan Road, Cullybackey, Ballymena BT42 1PS. We would also love you to like our Facebook page here.