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Woodland Toile WP Main_med

This is Sanderson’s spring storyboard for 2016.  As usual, full of personality and whimsical touches.  An awakening to the freshness of the new season with woodland creatures, native songbirds and butterflies that almost flutter off the fabric!

Beautifully drawn foliage and floral designs mixed with soft checks and plains all give a light and restful feel to the collection.

Squirrel and Hedgehog FB Chair G1_med

Depending on personal style preference these individual designs can be arranged to create an uncluttered, contemporary atmosphere or, at the other end of the spectrum, a cosy, rustic story.  Something for everyone.

Woodland Chorus FB Sofa Main Portrait G2_med

View the whole collection at our Balcony Studio.

Coastal Living

McMillan Interiors

Taking off in a touring caravan or a static by the seaside is a popular summer pastime for many of us.  Over the years the interior of the caravan can become tired and dated. Take a good look – it may well be time for an update!  So many cheerful and lighthearted fabrics to choose – from hot air balloons to shells and fish – sky and sea themes – speaking summertime relaxation.

Indoor/Outdoor fabrics are great for loungers with the option of leaving outside without damage or using indoors at home in sunrooms and conservatories or on patios and decking.

McMillan Interiors McMillan Interiors

Back To Life

McMillan Interiors

Returning to the Interior Design world has been an exciting turn in our story. After a few short years being involved in setting up a Social Enterprise business and Adult Support Programme, we are returning to what was our main focus for 27 years.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” – C. S. Lewis

The former showroom has been brought back to life and is now a great facility for our balcony studio which is a workspace as well as a meeting and display area. Our downstairs is used for small gatherings, concerts and parties. Most recently hosting David C Clements, a local artist, launching his new album ‘The Longest Day in History’ – what an enjoyable night of fantastic music that was!

McMillan Interiors

So the story continues and the studio tells the tale of our long history in interiors. We’ve brought together the most eclectic design houses whose quality we trust – to be able to bring to our clients a signature range of interior products and services.
One thing has been said of us consistently is, “You are not afraid of colour”. It’s true, we have a romance with colour that is apparent in our work. We do love life and personalities and colour reflects so much of that.

“Why do two colours, put one next to the other, sing?
Can one really explain this? no.
Just as one can never learn how to paint.” – Pablo Picasso

One of our favourite designers, Kit Kemp, has recently produced a book, “Every Room tells a Story”. It’s a wonderful read, and full of inspirational photos. And the way to design interiors…… to tell a story! Weaving people and history and lifestyle together – a rich tapestry.

McMillan Interiors