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Confession: we love Pinterest. Many a time have we have got lost down a Pinterest rabbit hole; swept away by beautiful rooms, thoughtful design, and mouthwatering colour schemes. It’s great when you find that image that inspires a project. But what we really love is the challenge of the blank canvas. As anyone creative will tell you, the blank canvas is scary and intimidating, but with the right approach it can yield surprising results.

What is that approach?….
We play.
Yes, we’ve been schooled in design principles and rules and yes, there are methods and techniques to master, but integral to anything creative is The Creative Process.

Sounds a bit abstract-artsy doesn’t it? Fear not!… basically it’s experimentation and play; it’s trial and error, and taking an idea as far as it can go. Think of your favourite designer or artist… the work they create is the result of many trials and edits and refinements. They sketch, mix, add and subtract, and see where technique and intuition takes them.

In our case, we like to take time in between client meetings and presentations and refining schemes to play. We pair up patterns, and experiment with colour schemes, and mix up styles to create something potentially very cool. Every month we create a bit of a showcase in our studio where we experiment with a new look or a new collection. We’re excited about the approach of Spring and the gorgeous new collections being released, but with winter clinging on a little longer we thought we’d create a cosy-cottage-transitioning-into-spring look. Catchy eh?

Here’s what we came up with:

This look was based on the Sanderson Potting Room collection that was released in the Autumn. We’ve reimagined it for Spring by choosing the fresh white and crisp blue colourway; evoking bright, fresh mornings and blue skies. I’m sure many of us will agree that nature is a huge source of inspiration – who doesn’t feel better after getting outside beside the sea, or amongst the trees and mountains to breathe in the fresh air and behold wild beauty? It’s critical for our health and wellbeing. There’s nothing better than bringing the outdoors in with some gorgeous natural motifs and patterns in your home – we’ve used a Sanderson damson tree and bird paper for the walls of our “cottage” and framed the windows in a complimentary bay tree fabric.








To add fun, pattern and colour we’ve mixed a variety of different fabrics and prints which work to inject warmth, interest and character.

Can you picture beautiful early Spring mornings in a space like this? Pearly light cascading in, softly diffused by natural linen fabrics and awakening mineral blues, citrus greens, splashes of lavender and ochre. Gorgeous! Picture the cosy tartans, houndstooth and heavy stripes offset by blousy florals, sweet birds and sharp geometrics. The perfect transitional look that keeps you cosy while it’s cold but beckons forth the season of light, life and colour!

For your benefit we’ve listed the source of fabrics featured here. If any have piqued your interest, don’t hesitate to get in contact. Phone Catherine – 07808 959212 or email

Curtain, Wallpaper, Tablecloth, Floral fabric behind fireplace – All Sanderson

Throw on Chair – Moon Fabrics

Cushions in front of chair – Designers Guild, Sanderson

Fabrics behind fireplace (from L-R) – Sanderson, William Morris, Osborne & Little

Fabrics on Chest of Drawers (From T-B) – Jane Churchill, Designers Guild, Nina Campbell

Throws in Basket – Moon Fabrics, Linwood

Carpet – Alternative Flooring

Trimmings and Finials – Declerq, McCormick Weeks